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IIT graduates make a beeline for jobs outside their core

Not all engineering students wish to do engineering throughout their life, not even IITians. Four out of 10 students are taking up jobs which are unrelated to their core subject. Instead of the manufacturing sector, a majority of techies are choosing diverse fields like consultancy, e-commerce, software and others. 
The reason: Core engineering jobs offer lesser packages as compared to some other fields.
Moreover, postings in core engineering jobs or the manufacturing sector are mainly in smaller cities while consultancy, e-commerce, IT and online ventures offer jobs in metros. As a majority of these firms require less capital, they offer better career growth to the talented candidates. 
Out of 1,600 undergraduate and postgraduate students registered for campus placement this year at IIT Bombay, approximately 1,000 want to go for core engineering. In other IITs, this percentage varies from 50%-70%. Not surprising then that a cab firm, Ola, hired 20 IIT graduates, Goldman Sachs took 16 and online catering firm Zomato selected 5 with the packages ranging between 15-30 lakh. 
“These jobs also offer a certain lifestyle, better exposure, contacts and robust growth in career,” said a final-year chemical engineering student of IIT-Delhi.
Avijit Chatterjee, professor-in-charge of placement at IIT Bombay, admits, “Besides the attraction of a better package, students who wish to start their own firms in two-three years usually prefer these jobs which offer different set of skills and challenges.”
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