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IIT preparation along with a Happy Girlfriend

“So now your books are more interesting than me?”
“Can’t even talk for 5minutes?”
Sounds similar? Congrats, you are suffering from
“Mi-gf-graine”, where “gf” is symbolic and silent.

Now, assume this: Your JEE is the Titanic, you are the Captain, and your girlfriend is the Iceberg.

So, Captain, its high time to know, how to steer, or else, Kaabbooommm! Na Titanic rahega, na iceberg, aur na tu.

Welcome to 100marks’ exclusive Rowing Classes.

No no, I’m not taking you to the pacific, but the ocean, called life.

There are two points you must remember, in today’s practical world, no matter what:
1. You CANNOT stay happy, if you have a successful career, but failed relationships.
2. You CANNOT stay happy, if you have a disappointing career, but successful relationships.
Let’s analyze you now, you’ve a girlfriend and are preparing for JEE, well, dude, you’ve put your legs in two different boats. Although, it’s said that you can only piss in this situation, but we’ll tell you how to sail.
All you have to do is, realize the importance that your girlfriend and JEE hold in your life, without underestimating any.
Once you do that, rest is a piece of cake. Try out the following:
  • Do not, ever, shout at your girl, for “disturbing you”. You chose her to be in your life, so you cannot just expect her to be invisible whenever you want. #Respect.her
  • Manage your studies and girlfriend efficiently, by allotting time to both. Chat with her while solving numericals, you’ll surely get the right answer.
  • If both of you are budding engineers, then bingo! Study together, while practicing some self control.
  • Make your girl understand the pressure that you feel due to JEE, share it with her, she, for sure, will understand and will give you space enough to relieve the pressure.
  • Focus on your JEE as well, avoid chatting while understanding any concepts, but do talk to her when you are done with the theorems n all.
‘Coz once you qualify JEE, you might forget it, but your girl won’t forget your behavior.

Remember, when you are broken, you won’t lookout for your JEE score card to sympathize you, but your girl, and other close relatives. Similarly, when you’ll be happy, you, sure as hell, would not want your score card to sit across you at KFC.
Do not listen to people who claim “focus on your studies, love n all are secondary, don’t get involved in these stuff” etc. This is shit in its purest form.
Fall in love, with your JEE, with your girl. Stay loyal to and passionate about both the relationships.
Unlike Cameron’s Titanic, yours will now sail.
You are sure to rise.
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