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What is the Feeling to be in a class of H.C. Verma ?

I did two courses in Physics during my first year PHY 102 (Mechanics) and PHY 103 (Electromagnetic Theory) both of which were taught by Prof. HC Verma along with one other professor. HC Verma took one half of each of these courses. Although the class size was around 325, the experience was nice as he is a gem of a teacher.

Before even going to the first class,which happened to be in the middle of the semester, all of us were too excited to go to the lecture so much so that the lecture hall was jam packed on his first lecture with ~325 students, inspite of the fact that about half of our batch preferred not attending the previous lectures of the course, as no attendance is compulsory here. I was just lucky to get a seat in the 4th row in that lecture. One thing I remember from that lecture was that someone clicked a photograph from his phone with the Flash on and he commented , "Please switch the flash off before clicking.You should pay attention here. I will be available at my office if you want to click more of those."
As far as his teaching was concerned, it was quite similar to the approach taken in his book. But here in the lecture he used to bring small models (and sometimes big ones like a big turntable or a bicycle rim) and involve students in demonstrating certain concepts in mechanics using those models. Also he tried to involve each and every student in the ~200-300 student  class in the concept as he used to roam around in the lecture hall asking questions from students. His knowledge and depth of understanding in Physics were reflected in his lectures. Still the exam question papers he set were quite easy. Studying from him was a different experience altogether, different from any other professor here in Kanpur.

What is the Feeling to be in a class of H.C. Verma ? What is the Feeling to be in a class of H.C. Verma ? Reviewed by RishavSen Choudhury on 8:00:00 PM Rating: 5

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