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Are Girls really Crazy for IITIANS ?

A story from Bharat Jakati.......

This was during Mood Indigo 2008, the cultural festival of IIT Bombay. I was standing outside the main gate, on the other side of the road. Next to me were two very good looking girls. One of them looked at me, then turned to the other girl, and whispered something; both of them glanced back at me, smirked and turned away.

The traffic signal, which had been red all this while, turned green and they started walking towards the gate. I followed suit. They glanced back at me with derision as we entered the gate, as if to suggest that I had followed them without knowing where I was headed. The guard at the main gate asked them where they were going and who they were. They flashed - as in, their college I cards - and told the guard that they were going back to their contingent. The guard then asked me for identification. I calmly said, "Student", produced my IIT B I card, simply walked in (you can do that at the IIT B Main Gate; in fact, IITians can do that even at Mordor) and stood some distance away from the girls, waiting for a bus to carry me inside. A really strange thing happened then.

The girls immediately came up to me and apologized for their misconduct. They said that they did not know I was an IITian and that I must accept their apology. Somewhat hurt by their behaviour at the signal, I said, "Whatever", at which they started insisting that we exchange numbers and hang out later. Well, I did that. We caught up later in the evening, attended the concert together, went out for booze and came back; I sneaked them into my hostel and we had some, er, fun.

But I was all very nonchalant all this while, because this was part of every day life for me, as a student of an IIT. As IITians, we're entitled to such favours from good looking girls.  I did not have to woo them or anything; once we were on the other side of the gate, they were just falling all over me. It didn't matter that I was quite rude to them; it did not matter that I was wearing dirty, unwashed clothes; heck, it did not even matter that I had to clear my bed of unwashed undies, lizard poop, cobwebs and a few spiders that were lurking in the corner. Ever since they'd learnt  that I was an IITian, all they wanted was me. 

Once you're an IITian, you can be terrible in every other respect, and girls will still go gaga over you. Oh yes! To quote a famous band, Nothing Else Matters.

Also, before you fantasize about the endless possibilities this opens up, say hi to a very close friend of mine - Sarcasm.

Just so that this is not blocked for not answering the question, the answer is NO. Being an IITian does give you an edge in terms of smartness, at least as far as how you're perceived, but you have to follow the protocol: be nice to the girl, be presentable, engage in conversation, listen to her, give her time and so on.

But since I'm sure everyone knows that, and this is just a troll question, I think the first part of my answer is more relevant.
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