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Which IIT has the best campus life?

IIT Bombay.

Arpit Agarwal, IIT Bombay answers:

This is all based on what I have heard from my friends and colleagues in other IITs, which might be factually incorrect at places (do correct me in that case).

1) Campus Location - The lush green campus with lakes and hills, is a store-house of flora and fauna isolates the inmates from the highly polluted environment of a metropolitan city like Mumbai, yet, if you ever wish to go out and have fun, you are in one of the better patch of Mumbai i.e. Powai, with Hiranandani  (a place which has pretty much everything you can think of : food, market, booze, chicks, everything) a foot away. So, you are very much inside Mumbai (City that never sleeps), yet isolated from it. Indeed, IIT Bombay in itself is a city of its own.

Pic: view of Hiranandani from IIT Bombay    

2) Academics - Without a second thought, in academics, IIT Bombay is at the top in India with statistics supporting it.’

3) Extra-Curricular Activities - IIT Bombay has a very wide range of extra-curricular activities categorized majorly under Cultural Activities, Sports and Technical Activities. You name it, we have it. These activities are conducted in the institute by the students who are passionate about it, through different clubs, camps and competitions. Students learn a lot from these activities and events through interaction with peers, seniors, juniors, faculty, professionals (yes, being in Mumbai, we have easier access to professionals in various fields), anybody and everybody.
Moreover, many other independent bodies exist in IIT Bombay to promote social service, career counselling, entrepreneurship, student-alumni relations, advocate for the rights of LGBTQ, and what-not.
In addition, IIT Bombay organizes the nation’s most happening cultural festival i.e. Mood Indigo and technical festival i.e. IIT Bombay TechFest.
The best thing about these: None of these demand a qualification/pre-requisite to join, these are open activities for everyone. All that is needed to learn is enthusiasm.

4) Hostel Life - Agree that the hostel facilities in IIT Bombay are not even close to ideal, but there is a lot more beyond these. The rich hostel culture, where everyone from batchmates, juniors and seniors to mess workers and hostel staff are like family, and they can literally go to any extent to earn pride for their hostels (Inter-hostel GCs and PAFs are the perfect example of this). There are hostel fests, valfis, festival celebrations organised by the hostel which unites students giving them a sense of oneness.
Also, there are very strict rules against ragging in IIT Bombay, which makes freshmen very safe in the initial days and gives them time to settle down.
Matki Phod Event
Festival Sweets

5) Facilities - IIT Bombay has very good infrastructure for academics(compared to Indian Govt. Colleges and other IITs), cultural activities(auditoriums, studios, music room, dance room, professional equipments like spotlights, cameras, music instruments, etc.), sports (cricket field, football ground, tennis courts, basketball and badminton courts, large swimming pool, etc,) and technical activities (like student labs and workstations, equipments like telescope etc.) and many many more. Further there are certain facilities like gym, pool table, TV, Music room, dance room etc. in every hostel.
Open Air Theatre
Olympic size swimming pool

6) PAF (Performing Arts Festival) - PAF i.e. GOD (as we call it in IIT :‘PAF God hota hai’) is one very big event very unique to IIT Bombay. It is the flagship cultural event held annually where a group of hostels prepare and present a live performance (with drama, dance, music, videos, aesthetics etc. being judging parameter) to a jam-packed OAT having innumerable alumni, residents and their guests, faculty, staff and of course students.
Entirely made by the students of IIT Bombay
There is a lot lot more about it, which I will edit and add later as I recollect and get time.
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