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How does parents staying along with you in Kota affect your JEE preparation?

life in kota
A scene of Kota

There are ways in which it can be helpful. Though there are several ways in which it can be a distraction.

Kota is a place where lacs of students come every year to make a mark, a fraction of them succeeds. Many of them fall for the freedom, which most of them gets for the first time. One can fall for the habits which can derail you from the very path you swore to follow, and believe me, coming back is so hard. In this case you need a self check if you live alone, but parents can help you in a greater extent there. You will have more self control over yourself.

There are times where you feel catastrophic. Let it be a bad rank in routine test or a inner feeling of fear of exams or something like this. In that case, parents can help you come over rather fast and give a moral booster(a phone conversation in this case doesn't solve much problems).

And who doesn't love to eat food made by mom. Though Kota's mess' aren't that bad, still you will have blissful meals everyday.

They will always be there to guide you, to cheer you up, to encourage you to work hard, to check on your cafe expenditures(when I was in Kota, Internet cafes were the biggest of distractions), to give you love and to help you in numerous other ways. Here are some differences which can be created by the stay of your parents :-

  • You won't have to spend your time on things like food, laundry, washing utensils etc.
  • You have someone to keep you in check.
  • While in Kota, its very easy to be a victim of depression. Having someone to talk to, really helps. (I am assuming your parents are supportive and understanding)
  • No homesickness. This saves time too. I used to miss classes to be at home once in a while.

  • Having less pressure from your family can sometimes help. As Indian parents expect a lot. And not everything is a fairy tale. You are bound to screw up some tests.
  • You can really focus while studying. I am distracted really easily. If you can have a room all for yourself and can manage to study with your parents around, it will be perfectly fine.
  • Interference can also be a problem sometimes. You won't be taking proper sleep some days and will sleep a little extra on some days. Parents prefer a schedule to be followed.
How does parents staying along with you in Kota affect your JEE preparation? How does parents staying along with you in Kota affect your JEE preparation? Reviewed by RishavSen Choudhury on 9:00:00 PM Rating: 5

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