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IIT-K students develop a 'bi-ped robot' which can perform many tasks

Students of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-Kanpur) have developed a humaniod robot having two legs named 'Bi-ped'. The unique feature of this humanoid is that it has legs by which it manages to balance itself instead of earlier robots that were supported with wheels.

The star attractions of this robot being that it can detect a wall in front and take a turn, can stand up after falling down and can even kick a ball. Also, it can work at the locations where human lives are at risk, like in cases of fire mishaps, detecting and diffusing a bomb and can do a number of other jobs like fetching files in the office and taking care of a child at home.

Utsav Gupta and Vivek Verma, the B.Tech students, along with their peers Shivam Soni, Varun Verma and Deepak Pawar had exhibited the robot 'Bi-ped' at the first ever student research convention organised by Hall IV (hostel) at the campus of IIT-Kanpur.

Talking to TOI, Utsav and Vivek said that the 'bipedal robot' has two legs which allows it to perform tasks which are done y humans but which cannot be performed by robot with wheels.

"The main aim of our project is to copy human walking pattern as precisely as we can. Our bipedal leg robot uses six servo motors to perform general walking patterns which include walking with different speed, turning right or left, kicking and head budding", said the duo of the BTech students and went on to add that this bipedal robot has an 'Arduino Mega 2560' as its micro controller. In simple words, it works like a brain of the robot which calculates and processes each data and instructs the robot to do specific task.

"As the robot has a smoke sensor installed on it, it can even detect fire. It can be used to detect a bomb and diffuse it. This robot can be used to perform a number of other tasks as well", said Vivek. When asked what is special about this robot, he said that it is the first such robot which has legs instead of wheels developed by any IIT-K student on the campus.
IIT-K students develop a 'bi-ped robot' which can perform many tasks IIT-K students develop a 'bi-ped robot' which can perform many tasks Reviewed by RishavSen Choudhury on 9:00:00 PM Rating: 5

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