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The Most Funniest and Double Meaning Jokes Cracked by Teachers in Kota

Bansal Sir to a girl: What is your name?

Girl: Saras

Bansal SirSaras ka to main doodh peeta hoon.
                   (I drink Saras' Milk)

PSSaras is a popular dairy brand in Kota.

Bansal Sir to a class: So are we all clear?

Girl: No sir. Sir what is a parabola ?

Bansal Sir: Stand up. Come here . Bend down . (pointing you know where) That class is a parabola

Sodium(NA) sir

On 14th nov 2006, we had a class by NA sir and everybody started shouting for a children's day party.. After convincing for a long time.. Finally sir shouted.." Saalo, jab mallika ki movies dhekhte ho aur raat bhar cyber cafe me baithte ho tab yaad nahi aata ki tum sab children ho". He was an amazing personality :)

Not to forget SR sir's famous Titanic version of "Didi tera dewar diwana", which I saw live in our last class with him.

Akshay Choudhary Sir

He is the coolest teacher I have ever seen. I remember few of his dialogues. 

1. A guy was looking towards CP through the window and Akshay says. 

Dekh lo agle baar usi lecture hall jana , because Bansal mein 14th nahi hota. 

(Keep looking, you might want to go there in next year because there are no classes in Bansal for second drop year. )

2.  This dude used to say when students make noise in the class, " Jat mein dimag nahi hota and jo hota ha wo ghootney mein hota ha" 

Jat people don't have brains and if there is some, stays in knees, so shut the fuck up or in Breaking Bad style --Don't bullshit to bullshitter.

3. He used to give a example of a hot chick surrounded by many boys when he taught  Steric effects  and often said some dual meaning statements like overlapping do require appropriate orientation in order to give product. Yes, you are getting it right. 

AKK Sir (Chemistry) says "Koi fark nahi padta" as "Koi FUCK nahi padta" 

EnglishIt makes no difference (fark). He pronounces "fark" as "fuck".

DJ Sir (Deepak Joshi) is the best for this reawrd. In lecture of 1.5 hours sir uses only 25 minutes to teach inorganic, I remember every moment of kota with DJ sir .
One Day A boy was coming late to class with bathroom slippers than sir respond to him - Are nange per hi aa jate iski bhi kya jarurat thi......Ohhh Lagta h kal tuesday tha ye bhi uthai hogi kisi mandir se......

Siddharth Premi sir had a distinct deadpan style of delivery of jokes during lecture.
One of his classic jokes were "Sholay kitni baar dekhi hai tumne?" followed by the'Sirf Amitabh Bachchan? Shree Amitabh Bachchan Ji kaho'. He also had an interesting anecdote about how he always fostered a dream to open a Premi Paan Palace - a 3-floored super luxury paan shop. He would smile for a moment after delivering a joke and then very slyly accuse one of the students for diverting the attention of the class.

Arvind Singh sir would assign the title of a baba to one of the students in each of the batches he taught, and his alternative terminology for teaching concepts (likebaarish for summation of series) made a lot of things easy to remember.

HR sir was famous for his jokes and one-liners which contained innuendos and double meanings that had the class in splits. One of the popular ones with our batch was that he would say "Chalo bachcho, hilao aur nikalo" after giving a question, and then follow that with "Arey bhai, pen hilao, answer nikalo." And everyone in the class would go "I see what you did there..."

SKM (now at allen)
he used to say- PICHE wale, KHADA KARE.
after a pause, APNA hath.

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