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Chambal Garden, Kota
Chambal Garden, Kota

Kota days were not the best days of my life but those days taught me biggest lesson in my life. I passed out my 10th board examination from Gyan Niketan, Patna. I secured 90+ percentage in my 10th. My parents decided to send me to Kota to prepare for IIT.I gave the test for Bansal. I didn’t got through. Those were the days when there used to be 6-7 batches only. My parents sent me to Garg classes (they got one prepared for institutes).They left me at Kota and went back. I encountered quite a few things at Garg Classes.
1) I was a boarding school kid. I studied in a boy’s school till then which has made me shy around people. I was very introvert at that time, couldn’t make any friends there. Most of the time I was alone and bored.
2) I developed an inferiority complex from guys who were able to communicate with others very well.
3) But on a better note I cleared entrance for both Bansal and Resonance.
4) As there was a gap of 15 days before classes started, I decided to head back to my native. Then came first bitter experience. My land lord was not allowing me to go back, without whole month rental as he thought I will take his money and ran away. I told him I will come back and will pay his rent. He didn’t agree. It was 3rd day of month. Those were the times when money can’t be transferred from one state to another instantly. I was aghast and weeping in my room. Suddenly I got a call from my father that some friend was asking for me. I got to know a friend of mine is in Kota from my school. I talked to him and he lend me money so I was able to go to home on time. He helped me a lot during that time.
When I came back to Kota I joined resonance as my parents thought it would be better. I went and start living in dada Bari, Kota with the same guy who helped me out. Some other friends from school were also there. I got b-2 batch (only 6 batches existed then). I started going to classes. I enjoyed the classes and secured a good rank in first test. But then came a period in my life which gave me life’s biggest experience.
1) I saw a girl at classes. Her name was Charmis Mariwala. I got infatuated to her but was not having enough guts to talk to her. It was my first crush. I got obsessed with her.
2) As time passes by I developed a thought that classes are not that important as I was finding the proceedings easy. I started skipping classes. I would mostly read books (like harry potter, comics etc.) and hang out with friends. We would chat incessantly for whole night and then sleep in the morning. We would go and play cricket and watch movies at Om Cineplex, eat at Dhaba (APD) and enjoying life to the most (at least I thought that back then ).
3) I developed a big circle of friends, ranging from students to locals. We started to pick fights with other guys, beat them up (thanks to a big circle of friends) and then celebrate the victory with alcohol. 
Cigarette followed on. Now life was only about a false sense of heroism and macho , which was accompanied with alcohol, cigarette , night outs at gepar nath , Kota barrage , Kota dam , Bundi dhaba to name a few. Whenever shortage of money is felt I asked parents for more money which they gleefully sent (courtesy to good percentage of marks in 10th and a few very good results at institute).
Om Cineplex became a near about daily venue to watch each and every movie , even AK 47 , Ek se badhkar ek to name a few disgusting 1). I was a boy who was suddenly free from discipline of hostel to complete freedom. I started bunking classes.  When parents came to know about it, I use to make numerous excuses. I attended in other batch because of good teachers, I was sick etc. People use to know us, students feared us, some fools envied us, and we were king of our own false heaven.
4) I became addicted to cyber café. I used to watch movies whole night in Net Express café, Mirage etc. We used to wake up at 2 pm , then go and have patties, cold drinks and a pack of cigarette; freshen up and get ready by 5 pm; Roam around at dada Bari and jawahar nagar bossing around and meeting different friends; pick up fights sometimes; go to resonance to just watch and follow Charmis from institute to her room; had food by 10; sometimes watch night show at om Cineplex; and by the 11 pm we headed to cyber café and stayed till 5 am; came to our room at 5:30 ; played cricket for 2 hours at Dhyanchand stadium and sleep by 8 am. Different bad things followed on, scuffle with locals, first visit to police station but we were let off as one of our friend’s father was IPS.  By then even we started to realize some thing is not correct. Parents started asking question due to consistent poor performance.
5) One night I left my cell phone at room and went to cyber café. By the time I came back there were 100+ missed calls from my mother. I called and talked to her, but she understood something is wrong.
She arrived along with my father within a week. My father enquired and found out what I have been doing. He went back by telling to at least try and pass 11th exam and rebuking a lot. But I was neck deep into my life style. I don’t know what happened to me then. I didn’t attend my 11th final exam because one of my local friends told me he will make arrangements so that I will get good marks without even writing exam. Eventually my father came to know about it and he forced me back from Kota in spite of me being reluctant (I don’t know why I was reluctant).
My stay in Kota was one of the darkest phases of my life. I did a lot of things for sheer satisfaction of teen machismo. I don’t know why I became like that. I don’t know why I did what I did. It was a burden to me back then. It doesn’t matter now as those days are past and I am successful. I am not an IITian but faring pretty well in my life. My life after Kota was pretty good and successful. If now I think about Kota days, I feel remorse sometimes, because of things what I did. I laugh sometimes at my foolishness. But I have to accept that it was hell of an experience. It taught me my life’s biggest lesson. I inherited some of positives and some negatives from that period, I became an extrovert and quite confident after Kota. I don’t know why that happened, perhaps I thought can’t be bad than Kota days. But whatever might be the case today I thank Kota for what I am. It was indeed a life changing. Err... hell of an experience.
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