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Not Good Marks In JEE Mains ? Want to Take a Drop ?

Not Good Marks In JEE Mains

Why you should take a retake:

1) There is definitely good probability of cracking BITS(or IITs or NITs) in second attempt if you are intelligent enough.You don't have to super intelligent now that even seats have been increased.

2) Life at BITS(or any other IITs or some NITs) is way awesome.The kind of culture you are exposed to, the international curriculum u face, the kind of awesome people u interact with, the freedom u r given here, the opportunites that knock on your door which may not come in normal Engg colleges, the BITSIAN tag u get, all are wayy awesome.

3) Just after you graduation, for the first job, the BITS tage will reallyyy help u to get through the resume screening stage.(Mind you only till here.After that it's your skills that matters).Also you get very good companies during your campus placements which are very diff to crack through off-campus.

P.S: After 1-2 yrs of workex tag doesn't matter much.

Why you shouldn't you take a retake:

1) Risk of losing 1 year.(Many of my friends weren't able to crack even after retake and they had to join the same colleges that they got the year before also).

2) You can get some opportunities even in normal Engg colleges if you are passionate enough.

3)  During Engg, you don't know you may consider taking CAT for MBA or for MS.If you are writing CAT anyway it doesn't make that difference which coll u are from.(there may be some influence of tag but not that much) and so wasting 1 year here doesn't make sense.
   If you are going for MS, u have more probability of getting more CGPA than in BITS/IITs  in normal engg colleges and also number of recos from good profs.In BITS, profs wont give recos that easily unless you did something remarkable under them(if he is a good prof.otherwise it depends on ur a**licking skills).

4) If you are aiming for jobs, companies like Amazon, Mircrosoft, Google or Oracle(if u r aimin for CS) doesn't give much consideration to college name.If ur good at what they want you are in.

 -So finally it all depends on your aspirations on what u want to do later in your life. But college life comes only once/twice in your life time so it boils down to your priorities.
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