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Kota Story: The New Year Night

When I was in 11th, on the new year night.. We made some plans which included lots of junk, coke and friends who were not allowed to stay the night at PG.
We were all excited and were preparing and just having fun, when suddenly at 11:30pm our landlord  knocked on the door.
We had to hide friends in almirahs and under the bed and after hiding....Stuff, I opened the door..
Turns out he came to  see if we were drinking or smoking, and if not, to call us down in his place to watch some new year show on TV. He never does that! or anything remotely like that.. so stunned, we accepted.. thinking that it'd only be for 10 or so minutes and we'd wish them happy new year and go back.
But, when we tried to go back, he told us we can't make noise at all, and to just watch TV till 12:10 or something... It was hilarious.. He looked almost afraid of what we'd do to his house at 12..(previous residents weren't as 'nice' as us)
but after talking a little, we went back with 5 minutes to spare, and all our friends still under the bed..

That night, we jumped the gates at 1 and spent rest of the night just roaming the lanes and hanging out.. Even had Pohe at talwandi chowk..

That was one memorable New Year.. which could only happen in Kota!
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