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How To Enjoy Your Last Days in Kota ??

You and your friends had a tough life for past one or two years so will you now wont enjoy your last days in kota ??
Kota is blessed with Chambal river, which provides some really awesome hang-out spots. Most of these places have some historic temples and waterbodies mostly situated in outskirt of city. Bunch of them are -

1- Geparnath Mahadev Waterfall
2- Menal Waterfall
3- Karneshwar Mahadev
4- Aalnia

You can make a trip to Ranthambore National Park, Palpur-Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary (in M.P.) or Dara Forest Reserve if you like wildlife.

Kota also has some of the largest dams in the country on Chambal River which you can visit. They are great for sightseeing -

1- Rana Pratap Sagar Dam
2- Gandhi Sagar Dam
3- Kota Baraj

If you like historical places visit Bundi Palace. 

You can try Amar Punjabi Dhaba (station road), Madhushree (Near Bansal Classes and Vibrant), Eatos(Jawahar Nagar), Surya Royal(beside overbridge). Grillz sandwiches in Vigyan Nagar will definitely tick ur senses. Do try them. These are the ones which i found the best. Keep trying new hotels on Sunday nights when messes are off.

If you are a non-veg then go for Firdaus and Al-Karim. Your next days should be like you never had in past 2 years. Also keep a camera with you to capture the amazing moments with your friends because this is what makes Kota, a special place in our hearts.

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