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How a Kota Student Different from a Normal Student

1)You will find too much competition in Kota that will inspire and motivate you.

2)you will find someone better than you, so you will get friends with whom you can discuss and solve your doubts. There are many smart people around you from whom you can learn a lot.

3)At home, you may top the school but in reality where do you stand, you can find out at Kota.

4)Teachers are very good there, you can always find someone who is able to solve your doubt which is not possible at home school.

5)Level of problems are very good, even higher than what is asked in JEE. So one learn to fight with those challenging problems.

6)On a different note, you learn a lot about life. You will have to live there alone, so you get to face many problems which one eventually learn to tackle with.

7)At the end, I would say that you will make many good friends there. Some of them will be joining the same institute which you join.

8) Well its true that out of lakhs of students who come to kota less tham 10% make it to colleges.However they all have seen the brutal competetion and learn to be self dependent. 

9) Speak to parents of any person who took coaching in kota,irrespective of his\her result they WILL say that our kid has grown up in many aspect and now has a perspective of a grown up.

10) Institutes Like Vibrant,Bansal, ALLEN, Resonance not only make way for toppers into IIT but get in average students into NIT's And Good Medical Colleges...In Short They Not Only Help Them To Get Rank 1 In Compititive Exams But Also Enables Them To be Rank 1 In The Game Of Life.!

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