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Best Moments in Kota by a Kota Student

They say "When you are under pressure, you enjoy the most"

There cant be any single best moment to remember, rather its the collection of memories which i cant forget for the rest of my whole life. 
Some students go there and just concentrate on what they want to achieve, but people like us never left a single opportunity to enjoy first time independence, we got after living out of home. I am sharing some of my memories


  • First Day First show:- Moments when we seldom missed the missed the first day first show of almost every movies released in that year, irrespective of any scheduled classes and exams at Resonance. Though we struggled a lot for the movie  "Dhoom 2 ", but we made it to the 1st row.
  • Movies/Games in Video Parlour:- Moments when after waking up at noon, eating Lunch, and going straight to video parlour with friends to try some good HD movies/games, or to cyber cafe for social networking.
  • Bunks in a row:- Moments when we used bunk classes and sleep all morning after that healthy breakfast at 3 in the morning.
  • Mela:- Moments of enjoying the famous Mela and festivals to fullest.
  • Mock Tests:- Moments when we we used to start looking for notes form friends 1 night prior to the weekly test, and still score more than some of our colleagues who rarely used to get out of their rooms.


  • Early Morning Breakfast at Talwandi:- Moments when we used to stay awake whole night (gossiping/games/ sometimes studying), and at 03:45 am climb off the hostel walls, walk 2-3 Km straight to Talwandi, and have Poha/Jalebi/Fan with Tea from multiple street vendors available. We never really got bored with that same breakfast for whole year.
  • Famous Veg Patty and Juice:- Moments when we used to have only Veg Patty and Juice in the lunch,      in spite of daily tiffin service we were enrolled in.
  • Tandoori Chicken at Royal Firdous restaurant:- Moments I used to have tandoori chicken at least each Friday after Jumaah Namaz. Sometimes at late night, when the gatekeeper of that hotelwas about to shutter down the restaurant.
  • Amar Punjabi Dhaba:- Moments when we used to party at Amar Punjabi Dhaba, near railway station of Kota, after getting irritated with the tiffin/mess food. You can call as many friends as you want, order your fav. items and still bill wont exceed INR 300/-. That 45 min auto-ride from Jawahar Nagar with friends was worth the taste. That was its Specialty.

Those were the among the best days of my life. I made some friends, to whom i am still in contact (even though never met some of them after Kota). I can say, that 1 year means more to me than 4 years in the college.

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