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Quality and not Marks matter for Parents and Students in CBSE

K Anitha, student of a private CBSE school from K K Nagar is aware that scoring higher marks in CBSE pattern is not easy. Compared to the state board syllabus scoring higher marks is difficult in CBSE. However, she chose CBSE since she wants to gain knowledge more than marks. Parents who support CBSE pattern say that it offers more than what textbooks offer. They chose CBSE over the state syllabus despite knowing the fact that it would not help their wards get admissions in state-run institutions, where marks play a vital role.

"More than marks, knowledge matters more. 'Samacheer' syllabus pattern would help students score more marks. It would help them obtain a seat in state institutions. However, when you go for central institutions and reputed private institutions, CBSE syllabus would help more as the students will have to face entrance examination," K Rajaram, a member of parent teacher association from Kamarajar Salai claimed.

C Muthiah, principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya I in Narimedu claimed that students from CBSE pattern have at least 20% high order of thinking compared to those from the state board syllabus. Memorising plays a vital role in scoring marks in state board pattern. In state board question papers, questions asked out of the syllabus is not entertained, whereas in CBSE it is mandatory for the students to answer questions outside their syllabus, he said.

"The analytical thinking of CBSE students is far better than the state board students. The education system is very much different whereby students are given situations and problems and find solutions for them. They are more involved in practical education," said a teacher from a CBSE school.

"I cannot memorise and write the exams. I am more a person who learns by understanding the subject. In CBSE pattern one is tested for deep understanding of the concept. We were asked to think and build answers of our own. It makes us smarter and versatile in answering any sort of question," said S Pradeeban, a CBSE topper last year.
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