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Why Parents ask CBSE to reconduct JEE MAINS ??

The parents of students who wrote their Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) (Main)-2014 from polytechnic centre in Ahmedabad have decided to seek retest for the students from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) which conducts the exam.
The parents also decided that if the CBSE fails to conduct the retest, they will challenge the same in the court and urge it to conduct the retest.

At Government Polytechnic College in Panjrapol, trouble started when some English-medium students were asked to return their question papers almost immediately after distribution. JEE question papers are available in a combination of two languages in the state - either in English or Hindi, or in English and Gujarati.

This, however, forced students to make corrections and overwrite on their OMR sheets which carry their roll numbers and serial numbers. Overwriting can lead to disqualifications.

The principal of the polytechnic has also given in writing to the parents accepting that there was a shortage of question paper and hence they were forced to change the papers.
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