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Eduwave: A Wave of Change or A Wave of THUGS ??

eduvave kota cheaters

In This Era when Coaching Institutes of Kota are doing there very best to maintain their relation quite warm with parents and students, there is another Coaching Eduwave Pvt. Ltd. which is doing its best to just reap out money from students and parents to keep up in race financial Battle of Coaching Institutes in Kota.

Formed from the Teachers of class 11 teaching in Bansal Classes, Eduwave collected fees of JEE MAINS + CLASS 12 BOARD from its students for the academic year 2013-14. Whatever the reason may be, Eduwave JEE MAINS COURSE was delayed late ahead of january and they did'nt prepare the students who had to sit for CLASS 12 BOARD IMPROVEMENT exams.

The above tale is told by few eduwave students who now feel like being cheated. Their Board Marks are at stake and only an IIT ASPIRANT can tell how important the Board Marks are in new system. The students say they tried to refund their Board Preparation Fees but "THUMBS UP" to EDUWAVE ADMINISTRATION, they refused.

Selecting a Coaching Institute in Kota is noy a tough job but believing in institutes like Eduwave could be your BIGGEST BLUNDER OF LIFE !!!!

Do coment whatever you feel about it !!
Eduwave: A Wave of Change or A Wave of THUGS ?? Eduwave: A Wave of Change or A Wave of THUGS ?? Reviewed by RishavSen Choudhury on 9:05:00 PM Rating: 5

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