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Sunday, July 27, 2014

My First Day at IIT Kanpur

As any fresher, my mind was bubbling with many questions. How tough will be the studies, How strict will be IIT professors, Who will be my batch-mates ....

But the most frequent and most puzzling question was how many and how beautiful girls will be in my class.

In IIT girl to boy ratio is very bad. In batch of around 500 we had only 50 girls. With this statistic we roommates discussed the possibility to have a beautiful girl in our class. With very good control over probability we easily calculated very rear chances of this favorable outcome but human mind always try to rationalize and hope for positive outcome, no matter how impossible the outcome is.

With crossed fingers, with hope for favorable outcome I started the journey for my first class. There was a clear instruction from seniors, not to use lift but use only stairs. My class was on 4th floor. We gathered near lift and discussed we should use stairs or lift.

Some of us feel that climbing 4 floors is itself a punishment and used lift and others thought it is not worth to take risk and used stairs. I was the part of lazy and risky group and I choose lift.

In the lift, there was a very beautiful girl, she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen (Till I met my wife). When I saw her, I began to pray she should be in my class. With the fear that she may be a senior, I had some glimpse of her cute face. Both of us got out of lift on 4th floor. I got some hope.

I was just few steps behind her and she entered a room. I checked the room number it was the same room where my first class was planned. I got so excited and I was like

Wooow she is in my class
She is in my class
She is in my class.

After controlling my excitement I entered the room. What I saw in the room I didn't believe.

She was standing next to black board and taking attendance of the students. At that moment all my hope broke down.
Later I came to know that Thursday was a tutorial day and generally PHD students come as teaching assistance and organize tutorials.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

ALLEN bought IIT JEE ADVANCED 2014 Topper for 4 Crore !!

ALLEN bought IIT JEE ADVANCED 2014 Topper 
 JEE advanced results announced on 19th and AIR 1 and AIR 3 are bagged by Allen Kota. However, Chitraang Murdia said he took only 'partial' coaching and attended Allen in weekends and vacations. Govind Lahoti joined just 5 months before JEE advanced. Many students are saying that Allen has purchased the students.
 1st  AIR (Chitrang Murdia) was regular student of DPS  Udaipur. In an  interview to HT, he said that he took "Partial coaching"  from Allen. But  no institute of Kota runs "Partial Coaching" or  "weekend coaching"  course. However Allen is claiming that he is regular classroom course student.

As per an investigation conducted by The Times Of India, a broker by the name of Vishnu Agarwal from Kota- the hub of IIT coaching in India, was caught 'selling' top rankers from one class to another for a hefty fee.
This scam came into light when Agarwal contacted IITians Pace, a popular coaching class in Mumbai, and offered to ''sell'' it some top-rankers from the biggest names in Kota's coaching industry. When the coaching centre contacted media, the whole expose was made.
Agarwal 's modus operandi was simple. The first step involves him selecting the brightest students from the best-known IIT coaching classes who are most likely to clear the JEE. He then approaches other coaching centres in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad and offers them the opportunity to administer their test series to these toppers.
 Once the JEE results are declared, these coaching centres (who have paid Agarwal) can include those who appeared for their test series as part of the total number of students from their institute who made it to the IITs. The test series is free of cost for students, who are sometimes even paid to write these tests. The coaching class pays Agarwal for the service. Then these coaching centres advertise in the media about how so many students from their institute have made it to IITs.

Other revelations made by Agarwal is that there are more than 1,000 coaching centres in India that use academic plan of well-known coaching classes such as Bansal in Kota, much of which is provided by him.

The expose was made when a TOI reporter with the aid of IITians Pace made a call to Agarwal, where he discussed his business model and how he would produce top rankers for Pace's test series. The tele-conversation was recorded. Agarwal said he could provide 30-40 candidates from three coaching classes in Kota (Bansal, Resonance and Vibrant) who would definitely score an All-India rank below 100 at JEE. Each of the student would cost about Rs 10,000.
He said he could also provide a few more kids who would probably make it to the IITs, but with a rank above 100. These, he said, would cost only Rs 5,000 per head. After the results, IITians Pace could use these students to advertise their own name.

All such scams have dampen the already low ratio of selections in ALLEN, kota. Moreover faculties all over kota have started inspiring their students to get AIR-1 and pocket 4 crores rupees from allen.

Friday, July 25, 2014

What Happpened when a Leopard entered IIT BOMBAY ??

 "A leopard has been sighted this morning in a workshop of Metallurgy department of the IIT. The forest officers have arrived and they are examining if the leopard is still present in the campus.

a Leopard entered IIT BOMBAY

"As soon as one of our staff members alerted us about the presence of a leopard, we called the forest department officials," Rashmi Udaykumar, Public Relations Officer of IIT, told.
Meanwhile, forest department officials said that a team has been dispatched to the campus and rescue work is going on.

"We have sent a team to the campus led by the Range forest officer. They are trying to search the area to check if the leopard is trapped somewhere in the campus. More details can be provided only after our team manages to find the animal," a forest officer said.

 The twitterati have a funny bone. This was evident from the many jokes that flooded the social networking site soon after news broke that a leopard had broken into the campus of IIT Mumbai and had hidden in a laboratory even as forest department officials tried to catch it.
Here are some of the jokes:
Mahatma Aladdin @Alllahdin  1h
*Leopard enters IIT
*Leopard lives there fr long
*Leopard makes babies there
*Govt says "Hamare aane wale engineers Sher hain Sher"

The-Lying-Lama @KyaUkhaadLega 
Leopard enters IIT campus->Graduates->Takes UPSC exam and becomes Income Tax Commissioner->Starts a Political Party->Goes back to jungle

Gaurav @bwoyblunder 
Vaidik has left to meet the Leopard that has strayed into IIT Powai campus and try to cause a Hriday Parivartan in him.

Ankur Singh ?@BihariTweeter 
Q. Why did the Leopard went to IIT?
Ans- Kyunki sab use kehte the "Leo Padh"

Satbir Singh @thesatbir 
A leopard enters IIT Mumbai, Powai campus. Next, it'll go to an IIM. And then, an FMCG company.

Gaurav @bwoyblunder 

Ra_Bies @Ra_Bies 
Authorities: Why did you enter the IIT complex?
Leopard: I want to study at IIT & be like Arvind Kejriwal
A: But you're a leopard, not a rat

Dorkstar @Dorkstar 
Now leopard in IIT? These reservations are getting ridiculous now.

Rofl Indian @Roflindian 
BREAKING: IIT Mumbai announces a full time B Tech program in wildlife photography. #Leopard

Khamba @gkhamba 
I think the headline should be IIT spotted at Leopard's home

PGK @peegeekay 
Has the Leopard put a post on Quora yet asking for thoughts on a good salary after campus?

Dilliwallah ?@ProudDilliwala  16m
Won't be surprised if the Leopard joins AAP next.

Dorktor Who ?@sidin  16m
Q: How did the Leopard get into IIT?
A: Through Spots Quota

T2 ka Raja @scarysouthpaw 
Please check. That leopard's name might be there in the toppers list of IITJEE this year.

Obstetrix @ScissorTongue 
Leopard that broke into IIT turns out to be pimple ridden nerd.

Supragya @RedIronPriest 
"A leopard got into IIT, but you couldn't." - Indian parents.

Swadeshi@shaibal @shaibalrockstar 
Leopard: I want to study in IIT. Admission Head: But then you will have to pass CAT for MBA . Leopard: Don't worry, i am already a big CAT.

Rashi Kakkar @rashi_kakkar 
These #IIT are such over achievers. Heard a Leopard got in. In my college only cats & dogs ever got it. DAMN THESE OVER ACHIEVERS .

SK @sunainak
Basically the leopard proved all punjabi moms right. Only sher da puttars get through to IIT.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SSC Exam Paper Asks – Who is “Tallest”- Deepika, Katrina, Huma or Preity!!!

he SSC, or the Staff Selection Commission, which runs an exam to make appointments in central ministries and other government departments, has readily apologised for a question paper that asked candidates which Bollywood actress was the tallest and gave a multiple choice of 4 answers

SSC Exam Paper Asks - Who is “Tallest”- Deepika, Katrina, Huma or Preity!

The question in topic on Bollywood, one with multiple choice selections, rested between a question on this year’s Lok Sabha elections and another question on the month in which Valentine’s Day is celebrated. The applicants were asked to select the name of the actress who was “tallest in height” amongst the given options of a) Huma Qureshi, b) Katrina Kaif, c) Deepika Padukone and d) Preity Zinta.
Not just this blunder, but another section of the paper tested the deductive reasoning of candidates with the bizarre statement- “All women are cats, and all cats are rats.”
An enraged Women’s Commission in Kerala has rightly demanded an explanation for what is being severely criticised as a “gender insensitive” question paper for the combined graduate level examination.
SSC chairman A Bhattacharya said in a statement yesterday, “It is abominable, improper, substandard… and we are very upset and deeply sorry.”
Mr Bhattacharya said no one at the SSC had set the question paper. Few local teachers were appointed to set a bank of questions and a panel of experts chose from these to set a final paper, he added.
The SSC has agreed to the demands of the Women’s Commission that the 2 controversial questions not be considered for evaluation.

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