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The Most Brilliant Students of Kota Ever

  1. Anuj Nagpal(AIR 190): This guy was the most intelligent person I ever met. In hostel, he was one of the most fun loving guys, he only used to do the assignments of mathematics (only because it was taught to us by the director of the coaching). Though I was not in his hostel but my closest friends were in his hostel and used to tell me all the stuff they did at night. Late night chats, discussion about random things (which had no relation with JEE at all). There was a time when all feared Nagpal and used to say "Nagpal is gonna come and he is going to spoil our full night." That guy was much different from all other people I have ever met. He got an AIR 190 only because we weren't taught inorganic chemistry,else he would have got much better rank than this. He is AIR190 in JEEAdv 2014, AIR190(State rank 2) in JEEMain 2014, BITSAT score-398, CBSE 12th %- 97.6.
  2. Rajdeep(AIR 1700 in first attempt, AIR 1200 in second attempt): This was the coolest guy I ever met, studied a very little,scored much higher than rest of us. Handsome looking guy who loved girls, as any other ordinary guy. He used to roam around the girls hostel of area. Most of the weekends we used to go to US Pizza (at that time they used to serve unlimited pizza for 150 bucks per person), we used to play cards all day long, still he managed to get very good marks. He was excellent in Maths, he used to be at the top in maths in most of his institutes tests. The only reason he didn't join IIT at the first attempt was because he got 78% in CBSE (< the cutoff of CBSE for JEEAdv) , in the second attempt he got 96%. 
  3. Vishal Pahal(AIR 402): Oh yes!!! This person was really a source of motivation for all of us. Did not join any coaching in 11th-12th, got AIEEE rank ~57k. Came to Kota as a repeater and got the AIR 402. The way he used to solve the question was totally different. We all made notes for solving Irodov and he used to solve them on the book itself, all the equations in mind, only the calculations on paper.
  4. Mohit Chaudhary (AIR 542)- Did not get selected in JEE 2012, and at the second attempt he was AIR 542, now you can guess how intelligent he was.
  5. Harpreet Singh (AIR 140, JEE 2013)- He is one of the most brilliant students I met in Kota. He was known in Vibrant by his nick name "Chhota Sardar" given by NA sir. Still NA sir gives his examples in Vibrant :p . His initial batch in Vibrant was P10, but within 3 shuffling's he reached P1 and continued in that till end.
    One of the most craziest thing about him was, he used to solve questions on room walls (because of which he got in fight with hostel owner and guess what; he still won that argument ;) ). He was hard working but lazy enough that he solves a complete DPP lying on bed and using the wall next to him as his rough notebook. Sometimes, he used to try DPP's of topics which were not even discussed in class. The result of his hard work: secured 140 AIR and got a seat in IIT Kanpur (CSE).
  6. SIDDARTHA(311 marks in JEE-MAINS)- Moreover, beside the class I used be in i.e. TX02, STAR BATCH used to be in next, there I met a hell lot of intelligent minds of our country, Even now i dont remember the name of all the guys but i cant forget those 4 persons who used to be more precise then answer sheets and fast enough to beat the robotic system to solve the answers, I still the remember eve before IIT-JEE exam, Amay,Chitrang,Govind and Kaushal was walking infront of me, suddenly AANA sir (the maths giant of kota) said to all of them "kyu hero padhna ni h ab, kal exam h" and the answer was in unison "Sir single digit rank hi aayegi, chinta mat kro" and i was all like WTF, THIS IS CALLED SELF-CONFIDENCE,but deep inside somewhere I knew that the fruit of their hard-work is now ripping, the effort they had putted, all the sleepless nights are now going to make that day a bit more brighter, all those left friends are now going to be fan as what i am bragging about them here, even I just have talked some countable phrases to them.
  7. 2007 – IIT JEE AIR 1 Achin Bansal
    Achin is the first student from the Punjab school education board to top the IIT-JEE. The son of a paediatrician, he went to a school built in the memory of his grandfather in Kotkapura, a small Punjab town once known for its prolific cotton crop. He then attended coaching classes in Kota. To read more visit here.
  8. When I was in kota I met Amay Gupta (AIR 8 ,jee 2014). As in most cases brilliance comes with a lot of hard work and mental strength and is the case with Amay. I was not at all his friend but many of my friends were his friend. So, my overall estimation depends on hearings from friends. He used to study for about 10 hrs. Per day except on weekends when he used some time for mental freshness. In class he used to solve problems(especially physics ) with such a smart and perfect way that no one matches him. He used to solve some typical questions of Irodov with about 3-4 methods.
  9. 2008 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Shitikanth Kashyap: You can read about Shitikanth here.

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Why students commit suicide in Kota?

Kota aka the suicide capital of India has experienced 57 suicides until this June 2016. Few of the many reasons may be:
  • Inability to cope up with the rigorous study schedules which leaves no time for students to themselves.
  • A brutal method of segregation of weak or average students from the “ deserving “ crowd.
  • The most common, expectations of parents and the fear of letting them down.
  • Most students are forced by their parents and their expectations into a profession they are not really made for, into the hyper-competetive race for making into the prestigious IIT’s and AIIMS
  • Parents must stop imposing their dreams on their children
  • Prime reason for suicide from my point of view is not the fear of failure but young students are really unaware of the opportunity they have in future
  • Pressure is also there in IAS, IES exam but people do not commit suicide becoz they becomes so mature to think that is not d correct way of giving up. But at the age of 13-17 we do not have that maturity.
Below is a video of student who committed suicide in kota:

Kota alone cannot be blamed for the student suicides. It is the general environment, where a few institutions are put up in a pedestal by the society. Most students are forced by their parents and their expectations into a profession they are not really made for, into the hyper-competetive race for making into the prestigious IIT’s and AIIMS.
It is important for parents and students both to realise that choosing a profession is an individuals choice based on interest and skills. Parents must stop imposing their dreams on their children. The immense family pressure builds up stress in the minds of students often leading them to take drastic steps. Also, considering your child as symbol for personal status in the society by means of comparison is wrong. IIT’s and AIIMS are not the end of the world. There is life beyond it.

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KOTA 2016 RESULTS:1, 2 and 3 rank from the city

Students of Kota-based Allen Career Institute grabbed the first three All India Ranks in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced 2016, results of which were declared on Sunday.
All India topper Aman Bansal and third ranker Kunal Goyal took coaching at the institute’s Jaipur centre and Bhavesh Dhingra studied at Chandigarh to secure admission to the bachelor’s, integrated master’s and dual degree programs (entry at the 10+2 level) in the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and the Indian School of Mines (ISM).
The institute’s director Naveen Maheshwari told Hindustan Times that Bansal scored 320 marks, Dhingra 312 marks and Goyal got 310 marks to grab the top spots.
Maheshwari also said that out of seven zone toppers, four are from the institute.

Bansal was a topper in IIT-Mumbai zone, Dhingra in IIT-Roorkee zone, Sharvik Mital topped in IIT-Kanpur zone and Ishan Tarunesh in IIT-Guwahati zone.
Last year, Satwat Jagwani from Kota’s Bansal Classes topped JEE Advanced.

AIR 1st Rank      – Aman Bansal from Jaipur
AIR 2nd Rank    – Bhavesh Dhingra from Yamuna Nagar
AIR 3rd Rank     – Kunal Goyal from Jaipur 
AIR 133rd Rank – Riya Singh from Kota is the topper among girls.
(Last year, Satwat Jagwani from Bansal Classes Kota topped JEE Advanced.)

JEE Advanced 2016 statistics

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Friday, September 25, 2015


For 16-year-old Himanshu, a regular day begins at 6 am as he attends coaching classes, school, remedial lessons in the afternoon, finally ending with yet another round of coaching in the evening. It's usually 8 pm by this time.

Staying in a private hostel in Rajasthan's Kota town, away from family, the teen from Indore in Madhya Pradesh is in his last year in high school and is preparing for the tough entrance examination for the premier Indian Institutes of Technology. By now, Himanshu is accustomed to the gruelling routine.

But many are unable to. In the last three months, at least seven students have committed suicide. Also depression leads them to do lot of religious things to start getting better marks in monthly tests.

In August, Yogesh Johre, just a year older than Himanshu, set himself on fire and jumped from his hostel building in Kota. Police say that stress related to exams could have led to the teen committing suicide. In July, 20-year-old Avinash hanged himself in his hostel room.

The tragic stories resonate with many students in Kota which, in the last decade, has emerged as a coaching hub for those preparing for entrance examinations for top engineering and medical colleges. For a small city, situated 200 kilometres from the state capital Jaipur, the suicides have, of late, appeared on front pages of newspapers.

But in the streets of Kota, these tragic stories get lost as bright, colourful billboards flash the success stories of a few.

The disturbing number of student suicides, though, are now difficult to ignore. Private coaching institutes say they have counsellors for students and are working on a 24-hour-helpline for students.

"Sometimes children feel lonely and depressed and parents don't always help. There should be a helpline on which children can call. We are trying to do this in partnership with the government," says Naveen Maheshwari , director of Allen Institute, a famous coaching centre in Kota.
Actually those days are gone when institutes really cared for each and every student, those days are gone........